A Mechanical Engineering Graduate Turned To Be A Software Engineer.

Think Of New Path When Existing One Seems Choked or Barren.

‘Changing Your Domain Is Never A Bad Idea..’

We humans always fear of making a change. We think more about what others will say and less about what is better for us. Why to fear from change if it’s gonna help you to get out of unthriftiness……

I still remember of my situation after graduating from college. I graduated in mechanical engineering with honours and also qualified GATE in my first attempt while i contributed only last 3 months for this, but all these didn’t help me to grab a good opportunity in my core domain. First, i went to ✈️Mumbai ✈️, : “SAPNO KI NAGRI”, to search for opportunities, somehow i managed to get an opportunity there after searching for almost 2 months but the pay was not even enough for minimum expenses to live in Mumbai, then i came back to Delhi, after 2 months of unremitting search for opportunity, i got selected in Rivigo, then after 3 months i left this startup and Started working in HILTI - A German MNC, i worked there in R&D for 1 year. But things seem to be not getting better for me even then, in JAN 2020 all the GETs in that company were compelled to resign as the company was not doing good in terms of business. Then based on my all observations, i realised that my core domain is not enough opportunity & pay scale and seems to be stagnated.

“Always think of new paths when the one you are following seems to be choked..”

In Feb 2020, i came back to home and discussed about available opportunity with my seniors working in my core domain, They told that these days opportunities are very lesser in no. in mechanical domain. Then i started exploring about opportunities on several platform related to other domains, what i observed is that there is plenty of opportunity in software engineering domain, specially related to Python. So, i discussed with all my friends in that domain about skills to gain, so that i could grab an opportunity in that domain.

Then, I started reading and exploring about Python, at the early stage, it seems to be tough but when i started going in depth and reading more and more it get easier for me. I practised, worked on projects and finally got an opportunity.

In my next blog, i will explain how to get started with python. I will let you know about complete pathway and skill sets.

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A Mechanical Engineering Graduate Turned To Be A Software Engineer.